Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Wheatland Water Conditioning?

We are a locally owned company that believes in quality service & customer satisfaction at an affordable cost. We manufacture softeners in house and have all parts in stock. Thank you for supporting us over the last 40 years! 

What does a Water Softener do?

Water Softeners reduce hardness, iron, manganese which causes staining and scale build up in untreated water. Hard water is known to clog pipes and increases the amount of soap and detergent required.

How can I tell if my water is hard?

Scale build up and rust rings on tub & sinks, dry skin, laundry feels stiff. By simply bringing in a water sample we can determine (free of charge) the hardness of your water and suggest your best options.

How long will a Wheatland Water Softener last?

The average life of a water softener system is 10 to 15 years, however 20 years is not out the ordinary.

How does a Reverse Osmosis System (RO) work?

Pressure forces water molecules through a semipermeable membrane turning regular tap water in to high quality drinking water, clean clear ice cubes, delicious coffee, tea & beverages and water for pets and plants. (water source must be potable - water that is safe to drink or to use...
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Do you provide equipment rental?

Yes. We provide rentals of Softeners, Reverse Osmosis & Water Coolers.No contract necessary.

How can I improve water in our cabin at the lake?

Wheatland manufactures Inline Filters that removes odor and iron without waste water

Do you provide Bottled Water Delivery?

Yes. Your choice of 5 gallon (18.8 L) or 3 gallon (11.35 L) are available for delivery. Same day delivery if ordered before noon.